Hydrogen Power


  • Good cleaning fun

    The preventive cleaning parts initially will regenerate and to avoid substitutam: saves the exchange of a turbo (between 1100 and 2500€), a catalyst (between 500 and 1600€), an FAP (between 500 and 1600€) or a valve EGR (between 300 and 400€), the operations are very expensive.


Why hydrogen works in your car?

The real solution to put your engine in top form

Inside the Engine...

Inside the engine there is pistons and they are moving rapidly up and down at a constant speed, generating the energy to the car. When a piston lowers it creates a vacuum that draws air and fuel (admission). When it rises it compresses the fuel (Compression) and the spark plug ignites (Power). An engine will ideally only engage the piston when it has reached completely the upper part of its tube. However, most of the early fire engines and do not burn fuel completely. This creates inefficiency, increases consumption and creates pollution.

The fuel air mixture

When the hydrogen gas is mixed with a gasoline that the octane increases and the required amount of compression before the gas ignites. The piston must then compress the fuel completely before it ignites, and the extra hydrogen allows the fuel to burn more completely reducing the amount of waste (emissions). It also adds a little more power to the motor, which increases efficiency and improves their miles per liter.

The advantage of hydrogen in the combustion

  • Reduce the duration of combustion

    A small amount of hydrogen in the fuel-air mixture increases the rate of combustion and make the combustion stable by reducing the length of the combustion cycle and reduce cycle variation

  • Increasing the thermal efficiency

    Hydrogen has a very high specific energy density, that is, containing a large amount of energy in a small mass.

  • Take off, burn and remove carbon

    The forced hydrogen to the intake ducts allows the effect of pyrolysis, burn and eliminate up to 75% on average of the existing black deposits that properly prevent the engine.

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