Carbon remover with hydrogen

Designer and manufacturer of solutions for the automotive repair for more than two decades the 2Q is recognized for its ability to optimize engine performance. Today, the company branded Mr C does not provide a “boost” in the engine but an ecological and practical solution without the need to disassemble parts to remove any carbon inlay inside, responsible for the degradation of the original vehicle performance.

Led by a team of enthusiastic technicians to innovate and create value to the automotive workshop, the 2Q is specialized for many years in optimizing engine performance. This specialty is mainly expressed through solutions from the research of the 2Q marketing department and partnerships with the university in particular IST. In this specific project was interaction between mechanical engineering with electronic Pedro Martins and Prof. Carlos Azeredo co-founder of Chipidea allowed multinational cast body to Mr C solution.

Terrible carbon inlays
The experience of 2Q in the market with the brand 2max additives, it is shown that the carbon fouling in diesel and gasoline engines in the least amount is originally the cause many flaws and problems.

Difficult traffic conditions, limited speed, short trips, not to mention quality random fuel, promotes and accelerates the natural fouling, due to mechanical heat. There are also notoriously malfunctioning injectors, pre-heating system (diesel) causing significant losses. It is then easy to see that dirty engine can not display its initial performance and coal promotes failures and bankruptcies.
With the increase of anti-pollution devices, and the absence of lead in fuel, the mechanic sees an increase of “diseases” affect engines, as never before happened. However, formed a class of professionals has become extremely sensitive scale and will scale of the problem.

Decarbonise without dismantling the motor
The solution to fouling is obvious, but it is not a matter of time necessary to dismantle the engine and clean. In fact we are talking about injectors, valves, combustion chambers, collectors, but also EGR valve and turbo, exhaust line with its share catalysts, particulate filters, etc.

Getting to deal with such a level of fouling without disassembly, which provides treatment here Performance carbon hydrogen cleaning.

Against this background, Mr C proposes an alternative to decommissioning: innovative and unique treatment that is based on the use of hydrogen, manufactured directly and autonomously by a machine called Mr C Carbon remove. Using this equipment, hydrogen is pulsed at the engine intake of the air duct and will help to greatly increase the combustion temperature. Under this effect induces the oxidation of pyrolysis and coal deposits responsible for the “choking” of the engine. Mr C Burns and removes!

Hydrogen friend
Know How, technology, innovation, quality and design are the basic ingredients of the production of Mr C cleaning machine, having a 100% autonomous nature in work and hydrogen production. For this, Mr C has a hydrogen generator that operates on very classic principle of electrolysis of water base but whose operation is obviously sophisticated and above all perfectly safe. To maintain its performance and its effectiveness in time, the equipment used, inter alia, to an aqueous solution composition specifies confidential. Mr C is configured such that human intervention is minimal. And the hydrogen flow rate is calibrated and set to a value corresponding to the sought purpose. That is, after multiple tests on workshop repair real position descaling commitment to efficiency / processing time was found. 60 minutes of use means eliminating up to 75% of deposits that impair the proper functioning of the engine. The excellent efficiency of Mr C will space the need of a new car need cleaning.

Use extremely simple and fast
When Mr C is operating its control is a childlike simplicity. Here also the design and design makes it not need any special intervention during cleaning. While working, the machine completely frees the operator to do other work in the workshop.
The procedure boils down to:

• Start the engine and allow it to reach operating temperature.
• Stop the engine and enter the tube that carries the hydrogen in the air intake duct. make sure that the air filter does not affect the suction gas.
• Connect the two power cables to the machine 12-volt battery of the vehicle, restart the engine and let it run at idle or put at 1000 rpm with the aid of a false accelerator.
• Turn on the machine by adjusting the processing time on the timer; 60 minutes and the prescribed time for effective treatment.
• Accelerate the engine between 2000-3000 rpm for several times during treatment.
After completion of treatment and off the machine, it is recommended use on the road, the vehicle 30 minutes at a fast speed (above 3000 rp, m), with the aim to eliminate all waste that have accumulated in the exhaust fruit coal cleaning.

Mr C Carbon Remover has several screens to control the operation of the machine through the current, voltage and internal temperature. The timer allows the machine can operate up to 120 minutes.

The more preventive healing Amending
Even with a calorific power higher than normal and, this treatment in hydrogen motors with badly encrusted dramatic charcoal can remove all thicknesses. We have a removal rate of 75%, but 100% only with disassembly and “surgical” intervention.

Perfectly autonomous perfectly, Mr C will get the energy it needs to generate hydrogen directly to the battery (12 volts) of the vehicle to deal

For this reason, Mr C is prescribed as prevention and especially on vehicles used in high risk to the formation of deposits (short trips, door to door, urban circulation …). In this case treatment every 15,000 20,000 km or every year, no doubt, will do wonders. In terms of prevention, it is important to examine the car before using such treatment Mr C with specific engine management tools.
This check ensures the status of components and emission control circuit to make sure that the defects found are attributable, and exclusively, coal fouling the engine.

An interesting formula for treatment in modern times…

 We know motor fouling is essentially due to traffic conditions today with frequent starts, speed limits, fuel quality varies, but especially the new requirements in terms of consumption and pollution. Treatment with carbon hydrogen is therefore relevant cleaning and could not be present. The 2Q through Mr C offers the machine to rent or purchase. The rental price includes the consumable (Mr C solution), all communication (totem, flyer, website, web …) but also technical assistance. The recommended price for treatment is 100 euros. Well put, price opens new perspectives and is responsible for the workshop an important source of additional income. For the end customer, the benefit is the guarantee of confidentiality, the increase of vehicles and commitment to limit potentially costly breakdowns.                                                                  
Pedro Martins

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