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    Remove carbon buildup to keep your small engine performing strong. Learn how to clean deposits off the cylinder head and wall, pistons, & valves.

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  • Descarbonizar motor sem abrir. Máquina para descarbonizar.

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  • O processo de descarbonização é a limpeza do motor relacionada às peças que estão em contato direto com a combustão interna.

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  • Qual é a quilometragem certa para se fazer uma descarbonização do motor?

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  • Tratamento de gases de escape. Controlauto – Inspecções Periódicas

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PORQUE O MOTOR GANHA CARVÃO O uso do seu veículo cria depósitos de carvão depositados em locais estratégicos no motor e escape.

  • Turbo

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    The turbocharger may enhance the efficiency of an engine. Driven by exhaust gases, it compresses the air required for the combustion of fuel, in order to admit more in the cylinders. The setting of a modern engine is such that the soot will progressively clog the turbo (variable geometry).


    4.6 out of 5
    To cool the exhaust gas by burning a second time in the intake system, in order to reduce oxy emissions EGR valve is designed to azoto.A soot is formed by the passage of exhaust gas for admission, and even the EGR valve itself can cause various problems.


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    High pressure injection systems such as common rail injection system and injectors, Bosch has played a key role in this success. They ensure optimal performance and clean burning fuel.

    filtro de particulas

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    The most common is the indicator light of the passage in motor degraded mode related to clogging of the filter. Soot accumulating condition, the number of kilometers traveled, average speed and driving type are the main causes.

    Fumo de escape

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    The problem it’s smoke. Basically, smoke from a diesel engine indicates that something it’s wrong .The exhaust gas of a diesel engine must be colorless. Smoke with any color is an indication that the engine is not operating properly.

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Mr C removes carbon deposits in all types of engines, regenerates source performance and consumption, avoids bankruptcy of expensive parts (EGR, FAP turbo, valves)
holes acceleration and reduces engine noise, reducing exhaust smoke emissions, facilitates inspection by reducing pollution and increases engine life span.

Remover carvão

Mr C will allow important engine organ regeneration avoiding replacement, save in exchange for a turbo (between 1,000€ and 2,000€ ), a catalyst (between 400€ and 1,300€), an FAP (between 450€ and 1800€ ) or an EGR valve (between 350€ and 450€) and preventing the increase of consumption and loss of power.


Mr C, using coal with hydrogen removal technology reduces the burning time increases thermal efficiency, reduces emissions of HC, CO and CO2 with increasing fraction of hydrogen in the fuel. The increase of the combustion temperature and the decrease in specific fuel consumption, thermal decomposition of carbon deposits (scale).


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